Panasonic GH4 Low Light Slow Motion Test

We took our new Panasonic GH4 along with our Metabones Nikon G Speedbooster and tested out its variable frame rate capabilities under incredibly low light conditions.

The results were not too bad considering we bumped the ISO up to 1600. We did notice a little bit of noise at that level which did take away from the detail of the shot, however the performance with the Metabones attachment was fairly impressive. We literally only had the ambient dance floor lighting which wasn’t very bright so having the extra f stop with the Speedbooster really helped.

We used a Nikon DX 35mm lens for this test since we were using the Metabones Nikon G attachment. There are many other lenses you can use with this particular piece. BH Photo has an excellent list of lenses that will work with the GH4 and the Nikon G Speedbooster.